BEST 2.0 project in Turks and Caicos achieves great results!

August 2018

A project implemented by Wolfs Company to enhance the conservation of coral reef ecosystems in the Turks and Caicos (TCI) by building the capacity of the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources (DECR) and other local stakeholders in coral reef monitoring and management was successfully completed in 2018. The project comprised:

  1. the organisation of an AGRRA Coral Reef Monitoring Training Field Course
  2. the identification and development of a list of monitoring indicators to help DECR to demonstrate the “return on investment” in nature management
  3. the organisation of high-level and key stakeholder meetings to discuss long-term revenue streams for coral monitoring, and obtain commitment for a longer term coral reef monitoring programme for the territory

The passage of Hurricane Irma over the TCI had limited impacts on the project with all activities successfully completed within the original time frame.

The project team fostered a strong collaboration with the main stakeholder DECR. The department considered the project to be both helpful and important due to the need for capacity building in coral monitoring and for identifying long-term funding mechanisms.

The DECR alongside local government demonstrated their commitment to working towards long-term financing mechanisms for coral reef management through the creation of a working group and the preparation of a cabinet paper with action points to pursue the reinstatement of a conservation trust fund for TCI. Direct reference was made to information provided by the BEST project.

Project factsheet – Capacity Building and Increased Financing for Long Term Monitoring Programmes for Coral Reefs in the Turks and Caicos Islands