Launch of BEST 2.0 call for proposals

The first call for proposals under the BEST 2.0 Programme supported by the European Commission DG DEVCO has been launched on 14 September 2015. Proposals to fund projects that promote the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services it supports, as a basis for sustainable development, in EU Overseas Countries and Territories can now be submitted through the BEST 2.0 Programme portal.
This first call is open to applications for small grants for the Indian Ocean, Polar/Subpolar and South Atlantic regions and medium grants for the Caribbean and Pacific regions.

On the dedicated BEST 2.0 Programme’s portal, you can find the guidelines to apply for a Medium Grant, a Small Grant, eligibility criteria, answers to frequently asked questions, regional contacts, and eligible applicants can now submit a proposal.

The need for funding small and medium size conservation projects in EU overseas entities has been expressed repeatedly. They host most of the EU’s biodiversity, give Europe the largest marine territory in the world and are home to 5.8 million citizens who depend on healthy ecosystems for their livelihood and wider economy, and for adapting to climate change.

Natural ecosystems like coral reefs and mangroves help protect shorelines from storms and sea level rise. Healthy seas support fisheries, unique species and habitats that attract visitors – key to a tourism industry that is often the main driver of the local economy. Sustainable development that preserves this natural capital is vital for these overseas entities.