2015 Calls Results: The European Commission has selected 8 medium-scale and 8 small-scale projects to be awarded grants!

A total of 29 projects were received in the latest call for medium-grant proposals that focused on the Caribbean and Pacific regions. The call for small-grant proposals focused on South Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Polar/Subpolar and received 20 projects. The projects were supported by a truly wide array of stakeholders, ranging from regional organisations and NGOs to local research institutions, local NGOs and governments. The Regional Advisory Committees, made up of independent experts and the BEST 2.0 Secretariat conducted the initial assessments of the proposals before the European Commission selected eight medium-size grants and eight small-size grants. The projects will focus on themes relating to managing marine and terrestrial ecosystems, endangered species conservation, invasive species management and environmental education programmes.

Through a tailored approach, the projects address the key components that the BEST 2.0 programme aims to promote - covering an array of conservation methods for sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Working with local communities and experts on the ground, the projects follow specific strategic and organisational objectives throughout their respective project timelines. Descriptions of the eight funded Medium-grant projects and eight funded Small-grant projects with respective objectives to come soon.

The next call for proposals for Medium Grants and Small Grants will be launched in spring 2016 for the following regions:

• Medium Grants: South Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Polar/Subpolar.
• Small Grants: Caribbean, Pacific