Discover more about the projects funded by BEST 2.0

Information on all of the projects funded by the BEST Initiative from 2011-2018 can be found in this brochure.

Proj # Acronym/Short Title Region Territories Duration (months) Grant Awarded (EUR) Lead Grantee Topic Website (if available) Download
2261 Restoration of Small Basins on the Plateau of Te Mehani Rahi Pacific French Polynesia 12 €49662.00 Association Tuihana Ecosystem restoration PDF icon Factsheet #2261
2263 RECOFOR: Regulation of Deer for the Conservation of Forests Pacific New Caledonia 12 €50000.00 ACCMP DAYU BIIK Species conservation, Ecosystem restoration PDF icon Factsheet #2263
2264 NEREIS: Conservation of the Fairy Tern Pacific New Caledonia 12 €96801.00 Province Nord de la Nouvelle-Calédonie Species conservation PDF icon factsheet #2264
2266 CORCOPA: Optimized Conservation of Europa’s Coral Reefs using Eco-Acoustics IndianOcean Scattered Islands 12 €99620.00 Université de La Réunion Species conservation PDF icon Factsheet #2266
2271 Strengthening Participative and Integrated Management of the UNESCO Site in Touho Pacific New Caledonia 12 €48108.00 Association Hô Üt Protected areas PDF icon Factsheet #2271
2274 Assessing the Utility of Lionfish Traps for Preserving Biodiversity by Managing Invasive Populations Caribbean Bermuda 12 €99961.00 Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences Species conservation PDF icon Factsheet #2274
2276 Nurseries for Nature SouthAtlantic Saint Helena 12 €90789.00 St Helena National Trust Species conservation PDF icon Factsheet #2276
2279 SEECTOR : Significant Ecological areas for pElagic species and ConservaTion challenge in the sOutheRn Indian ocean PolarSubpolar French Southern and Antarctic Lands 12 €74370.00 Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Protected areas, Climate change PDF icon Factsheet #2279
2280 AGRISUB: Organic Farming Substrates Pacific French Polynesia 12 €50000.00 VAIHUTI FRESH Sustainable development & ecosystem services PDF icon Factsheet #2280