Discover more about the projects funded by BEST 2.0

Information on all of the projects funded by the BEST Initiative from 2011-2018 can be found in this brochure.

Proj # Acronym/Short Title Region Territories Duration (months) Grant Awarded (EUR) Lead Grantee Topic Website (if available) Download
1663 Tukemaragai: Ecological Restoration of the Small Islands of the Southeast of Gambier Pacific French Polynesia 18 €77789.00 Commune des Gambier Ecosystem restoration PDF icon Factsheet #1663
1667 A Nursery for Endemics and Key Native Species Caribbean Montserrat 17 €88810.00 Montserrat National Trust Species conservation, Protected areas Website PDF icon Factsheet #1667
2234 ITAGED: Conservation of Threatened Top Marine Predators of the French Southern Territories PolarSubpolar French Southern and Antarctic Lands 12 €99657.00 CNRS - Délégation régionale Centre Limousin Poitou-Charentes Protected areas, Climate change PDF icon Factsheet #2234
2239 Pop-Up Nursery and Coral Restoration Caribbean Bonaire 12 €49672.00 Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire Ecosystem restoration PDF icon Factsheet #2239
2243 PRODVEGEUR: Development of an Autonomous Plant Production Unit IndianOcean Scattered Islands 11 €98644.00 Conservatoire Botanique National de Mascarin Ecosystem restoration PDF icon Factsheet #2243
2245 Best of Sharks and Rays in Saint-Barths Caribbean Saint Barthélemy 12 €100000.00 Agence Territoire de l'Environnement de Saint-Barthélemy Species conservation PDF icon Factsheet #2245
2246 Promoting and Enhancing the Ecological and Economic Value of Anguilla’s Marine Parks Caribbean Anguilla 12 €99855.00 Anguilla National Trust Protected areas, Ecosystem restoration PDF icon Factsheet #2264
2247 Urgency for Safeguarding the Terrestrial Environment of Rapa Pacific French Polynesia 12 €49968.00 Raumatariki Rapa Species conservation, Ecosystem restoration PDF icon Factsheet #2247
2252 Ensuring the Safeguarding of Ua Huka's Rare and Threatened Birds Pacific French Polynesia 12 €49959.00 Vaiku’a i te manu o Ua Huka Species conservation PDF icon Factsheet #2252
2254 Development of the Network of Marine Educative Areas in 5 New Schools Pacific French Polynesia 12 €49968.00 Fédération des Associations de Protection de l’Environnement de Polynésie française Protected areas, Sustainable development & ecosystem services PDF icon Factsheet #2254